Valencia neighbourhood “third wealthiest in all Spain”

A Valencia neighbourhood is the “third wealthiest in all Spain”, new data reveals. Eugene Costello reports

A Valencia neighbourhood is the “third wealthiest in all Spain”, new data from the hacienda – Agencia Tributaria – now shows.

Unsurprisingly, it is the neighbourhood many simply refer to as “Colón”, though officially it is Pla de Remei. This will surprise few people since it includes the premier shopping street of Calle de Colón and Cirilo Amarós. It boasts a clutch of El Corte Ingles department stores, Mercat de Colón and any number of upmarket modernist apartment blocks.

A typical modernist apartment block in Pla de Remei

Number one on the full list, however, is La Moraleja, a district of the Madrid municipality of Alcobendas. Chris Cooper, owner of Valencia bicycle and scooter rental business Bikealao, says: “La Moraleja is a super-rich neighbourhood in the town of Alcobendas on the north side of Madrid. Rich as stink, all footballers and TV people. I used to teach private lessons in some of those huge houses.”

Another source who used to live in Madrid told us: “Penelope Cruz is from Alcobendas, and Ana Obregón lives there. As did the Beckhams when he played for Real Madrid and allegedly had an affair with Obregón. It drips money, so it is not remotely surprising it has come out as Spain’s wealthiest enclave.”

The Agencia Tributaria describes La Moraleja as “the neighbourhood with the highest gross income in Spain. It has an average income of 190,949€, 5% more than in 2020”. Shooting up the list into second place is Ciutat Jardí in Lleida, Catalunya. This is, no doubt, thanks to its increasing popularity with Barcelona FC players.

It has an average income of 102,360€, practically double its 2020 income (54,797€).

And third comes the Colón neighbourhood, with an enviable average income of 100,317€.

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