Record passenger numbers in Valencia airports

Record passenger numbers in Valencia airports took place in October, with the two main airports handling 2.6 million passengers, the most travellers via Valencia Airport coming from Italy, and the highest number by far in Alicante from the UK. By Eugene Costello

Record passenger numbers in Valencia airports took place in October, with the two main airports handling 2.6 millions passengers between them.

Valencia Airport, together with Alicante Airport, reached record passenger quotas, as both managed to exceed their highest figures in the month of October. Valencia Airport handled almost one million people, with half a million more than that passing through Alicante Airport, a total of 1,586,073 passengers. In total, 967,432 passengers have passed through the gates of Valencia Airport, an increase of 21.7% compared to the same date last year. With almost two months to go, Valencia is one step away from breaking another historic annual record, as only 8,000 people need to travel to surpass the mark first made in 2019. To date, 8,531,596 people have used the airport this year.

Record growth

From January to October, there has been 23.4% growth over 2022. Of this October just gone, 2023, 965,830 people were commercial passengers, of which more than half travelled on international flights, growing by 28.3% compared to the same month of October last year.

As for domestic flights, 257,156 passengers used Valencia Airport in total, 6.9 % more than in 2022. The main origins and destinations for flights were Italy (138,575 passengers), Germany (93,296 people), France (87,670 passengers), the United Kingdom (81,485 people), the Netherlands (72,858 passengers) and Switzerland (38,860 passengers). These are record figures for Valencia Airport, which handled 7,780 flights in October, 12.7% more than the previous year. Moreover, during the first ten months of the year, the airport in Manises, Valencia, operated 70,171 flights, 12.1% more than the same period last year.

Alicante-Elche Airport

Alicante airport handled 1,586,073 passengers, 17% more than in October 2022. The public company Aena stated in a press release that of this total, 1,378,143 did so on international flights, compared to 206,133 people from Spanish territories. The countries that most used Alicante airport in October this year were the United Kingdom (536,480 passengers), the Netherlands (113,129 people), Germany (98,643 passengers), Belgium (84,720 passengers) and Norway (73,715 people).

The coast is clear: Alicante. in the south of the Comunidad, has
also seen record numbers, especially from the UK

In total, almost 10,000 flights took place in October, 9.9% more than in the same month last year. During the first ten months of 2023, 13,636,422 people have passed through Alicante’s airport infrastructures, 19.1 % more than in 2022, managing 86,445 flights in total.

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