Valencia To Introduce A Tourist Tax?

La Comunidad Valenciana is likely to introduce a new tourist tax. Expect it to come in late 2023 or early 2024…

For the first time ever, tourists will be subject to a tourism tax in Valencia. Those visiting the community will receive a charge upon arrival. The debate on the ins-and-outs of how it will work will take place later this year in Les Corts. 

The tax is voluntary on a municipal level. This means that each town and city within the community can decide of their own accord whether or not to approve the new tax.

A one-year moratorium is probable if the legislation passes in autumn 2022. If given the green light, it is likely that the law will not enter into effect until late 2023 or early 2024. 

If approved, tourists residing in hotels, hostels, camping zones, rural houses, must pay the tax. Those travelling by cruise ship will also have to pay the tax if the cruise docks in Valencia. Even if the tourists don’t leave the ship.

Exempt from the tax are children under 16, those travelling for health or medical reasons, or anyone arriving and seeking asylum due to war or any similar conflict.

What will the new tourist tax cost?

The tax will vary between €0.5 and €2 depending on the type of accommodation. Those staying in higher-end hotels including four and five star venues will expect to pay more. However, the maximum days charged will not exceed seven days. 

The ayuntamientos will be able to choose where to allocate this new income. From cleaning, to tourism promotion, even cultural heritage maintenance, or more green public transport. 

More details will be known at the end of the year, 2022, as reported by Álvaro Llagunes, for Valencia Secreta.

Many have expressed their discontent towards the movement, stating that now is not the time for a tourist tax in Valencia. #ahoranoeselmomento and #noalatasaturística have joined forces, composed of businesses, institutions, and others who have signed a manifesto in defence of the tourism sector. To this date over 2,400 signatures have been collected against the tax. Find out more about the manifesto at

Many voices have made their concerns clear, including the president of CEV, the chamber of commerce, the president of CEHAT and also the president of the Tourism Board. “It would be unfair, and irresponsible to continue with the movement, when the tourism sector makes up 15% of GDP in the Comunidad Valenciana,” president of Hosbec (Asociación empresarial hotelera y turística de la Comunidad Valenciana) Toni Mayor told back in 2020.

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