Valencia Has Talent: Live Show This Thursday

When Jennifer Powers and husband Mark Tucker moved to Valencia early this year, they were determined to make their mark by staging an English-language event. This has led to an extravaganza this Thursday at Loco Club, near Angel Guimerà – Valencia Has Talent… By Eugene Costello

When the whirlwind of energy that is Jennifer Powers and husband Mark Tucker moved to Valencia early this year, they decided to hit the ground running. They set up Intermission Valencia, a non-profit organisation dedicated to producing theater productions in English here in Valencia. Their goal is to help people strengthen their ties to the community and forge new friendships that will last.

Their first showcase event will be this Thursday, Valencia Has Talent. This will showcase a variety of acts from all cultures and arts. The timing is good, with the appetite for English-language spectacles clearly growing. Last weekend, Cameron Hall’s production, the pantomime Jack and the Beanstalk, sold out, with tickets not available for love nor money.

The format will be familiar to those who have come across similar shows produced by Simon Cowell’s franchise across the globe.

There will be a smorgasbord of 12 entertainers performing for your delectation. These include Juan Carlos Juanki, Voila Dance, Abel Ruiz and Alex Tipping. Also Maria Claudia González Díaz, Joni Mitcel Gamara, Linda Gergye, Pepe Chocomeli and Kenneth Stammers. And finally César Peris, Marie Hagén, Magnus Frable and Slim Díaz and José Lorduy. Let them entertain you!

There will be three judges on stage. Eugene Costello, founder and editor of Valencia Life. Then, Laurence Lemoine, a French journalist and founder of Valencia Expat Services. And Guadalupe Bautista, a Venezuelan Valencian resident with her own handyman business who knows the very fabric of the city. A fluent English speaker, she specialises in helping the “expat” community. Between the three, with their various backgrounds and connections, they are here to make sure that you have the best time.

And with decidedly extrovert Jennifer and husband Mark acting as on-stage MCs, we can guarantee lots of laughs and entertainment! Just don’t let Mark talk you into a game of Texas Hold ‘Em would be my heartfelt advice…

Meet Jen in her Valencia Life podcast

Impresario Jennifer was recently a guest on the Valencia Life podcast. We can genuinely say it was the most unscripted fun and crackling energy of all our podcasts. You can listen to it here: There’s Nothing Like A Dame: Jennifer Powers

When Jennifer Powers – aka Hurricane Jennifer – swept into the studio at Wayco as a guest on the Valencia Life podcast, we were not prepared for this high-energy powerball! Half an hour of hilarity ensued, perhaps our favourite podcast yet! We spoke to Jen about her plans to put on an event called Valencia Has Talent. This encourages all kinds of performers to get involved. It promises to be an amazing night – and it’s open to the public!

Tickets are €10 per person and you can buy them from EventBrite with a modest booking fee of €1.32:…/valencia-has-talent-2022…

Otherwise, tickets are available on the door, priced at €15 per person.

The judges will score the acts with three levels of awards, First place, Runner-up and Audience Choice. This will be a night to remember and all for two great causes.

Support arts and culture for the overseas resident community. And bear in mind that money from the event will be ploughed into the next production. As if that were not enough, 25% will go to support the local animal shelter SVPAP. This worthy organisation cares for abandoned cats and dogs.

What’s not to like? We’ll see you there!

Loco Club, Carrer de l’Erudit Orellana, 12, 46008 Valencia (one minute from Angel Guimerà Metro); 963 51 85 21;;

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