Valencia Celebrates San Juan Tonight: What To Do And See

The night of San Juan – or St. John’s Eve – is celebrated on 23 June every year with parties on the beach in Valencia. A round-up of how to enjoy the event… By Eugene Costello

Coming as it does just after Midsummer’s Day, or the Summer Solstice, which falls on Tuesday 21 June, festivities all around Spain celebrate the day.

The fiestas are back on the beaches of Cabañal and Malvarrosa, but the police will clear those attending at 4.00am, says Las Provincias.

Valencia is preparing to celebrate the night of San Juan as it was before the coronavirus pandemic: with traditional bonfires on the beach. After two years, this festival returns on tonight, Thursday 23 to Friday 24.

In the city of Valencia, bonfires and night-time bathing are OK on the beaches at Cabanyal and Malvarrosa. However, the beaches at Pinedo and Perellonet will not allow bonfires, in accordance with the regulations of Albufera Natural Park, which is responsible for its conservation.

San Juan in Valencia
Once more unto the beach, dear friends: San Juan festivities © LAS PROVINCIAS

The City Council has prepared special arrangements for the festivities, which will begin in the afternoon with the delivery of firewood for the bonfires. From 4.30pm until 6.30pm, those who wish to do so will be able to collect wood to burn from official points during the night at various points along the promenade.

A security and surveillance system will start from 6pm. Thousands of people will gather on the beaches of Valencia from the afternoon until the evening, but the party can only continue until 4am. After that, partygoers will have to leave the area to make way for the clean-up operation.

Streets closed for San Juan

From 6pm onwards, streets leading to the beaches will be closed, according to the Town Hall. At this time access to the beaches from Dr Lluch and Cavite will be cut off.

And from 9pm onwards, access from Menorca, Ibiza, Serrería, Marino Blas de Lezo, Luís Peixó and Ingeniero Fausto Elio will not be available.

In addition, access to Avenida del Puerto from Serrería, as well as to Menorca towards Avenida del Puerto from Juan Verdeguer, will only be for residents, EMT and taxis. There will also be points of confiscation or storage.

Metro and night bus to go to the beach

To make it easier to get around, special metro and bus timetables are in operation for the night of 23-24 June.

EMT will have extra buses throughout the night on lines that connect with the beaches. These are: 19, 23, 24, 25, 25, 31, 32, 92, 93, 95, 98 and 99 with 100 drivers. In addition, there will be buses every ten minutes on most of these lines.

Metrovalencia will offer special services on all its lines during the night of San Juan without interruption. The special services on offer from 9pm on 23 June to 7am on 24 June will consist of 170 metros and 259 trams. Tram lines 4 and 6 will run extra services, with a five-minute frequency between 8.30pm and midnight.

And best not to wear an expensive or much-loved outfit as the smell of smoke will endure long after the authorities clean up the beaches…

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