The Weekly Photo Essay: Shadows Of El Carmen and the Old Town

Valencia Life’s resident photographer Paul Knowles made his way to the Old Town to capture the city as it awoke and streams of sunlight cast entrancing shadows upon its residents… 

“It’s my favourite time to photograph the city, the sunlight puts on a show of shadows and the city’s architecture looks its very best as it is slowly revealed by the sun,” says Paul. “Shadowy figures emerge into the beams of sun and add that extra air of mystery to the shots.’’

Photo Essay
The morning sunlight casting shadows from a lamp – ©️PAUL KNOWLES/VALÈNCIA LIFE
The Basilica de la Virgen de los Desamparados bathing in the morning sun – ©️PAUL KNOWLES/VALÈNCIA LIFE
Plaza Lope de Vega’s morning glory – ©️PAUL KNOWLES/VALÈNCIA LIFE
A woman making her way to work on Calle Caballeros – ©️PAUL KNOWLES/VALÈNCIA LIFE
A businessman heads to work – ©️PAUL KNOWLES/VALÈNCIA LIFE
A man walks into the sunlight – ©️PAUL KNOWLES/VALÈNCIA LIFE
A man appears out of the morning shadows ©️PAUL KNOWLES/VALÈNCIA LIFE

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