Valencia To Host The European Skate Open

In the first event of its kind, Valencia is set to host internationally renowned professional skaters, freestyle rollerbladers and scooters at the Marina Sur. Daniel Hazelhoff reports…

Extreme sports that have long resided in the margins of mainstream sports lore are now growing both in popularity and recognition. With the advent of skateboarding in the recent Olympics, a more solid foundation has been offered to the sport internationally. Valencia itself boasts over 30 skateparks, a number that has boomed in recent years, and it seems some have noticed. 

The Valencian European Skate Open (VESO) 2021 will be hosted in Valencia, where international level skaters will compete against each other in several different categories on 5, 6 and 7 of November. VESO will be held at la Marina Sur. 

“This is the first time that Valencian institutions support an event such as this, in order to promote urban sports, which are growing at an exponential rate among the new generations,” says the President of the Fundación Deportiva Municipal (FDM), Pilar Bernabé. 

One of the primary priorities of the FMD is to promote physical activities within sports for the younger generation of Valencians. “These sports are absolutely linked to the youth and we can no longer stand by the sidelines” says Pilar Bernabé. Furthermore, she mentions that their strategy is to safely and gently implement these “urban sports” into the Valencian sports roster because “we have a perfect city for these types of sports. We have so many open urban areas where they can be practised, and we will hold this event in an idyllic space such as La Marina de València. This is a good opportunity to get to know our city and its potential.”

Not only will the VESO host a series of competitions, the biggest being the International Skateboarding competition of the street variety, meaning renowned athletes performing tricks on flat, gaps, grinds and sets, but will also host a national level event of Freestyle Rollerblading, and Scooter, in both Street style and Park.  

The event will also have several workshops, and activities for skate lovers, including beginner and intermediate roller derby scooter, longboard, longboard cruising, slalom and rollerblading freestyle classes. VESO will also be marked by concerts and food trucks.  

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