Dance and art at Bloom Gallery

Dance and art are the theme of a new exhibition at Bloom Gallery, opening Friday 12 April…

Dance and art are the theme of a new exhibition at Bloom Gallery, called The Ephemeral Spirit of Dance by Philamonjaro and Sandi Goodwin, opening Friday 12 April.

Photographer Phil Solomonson, also known as Philamonjaro, and abstract painter Sandi Goodwin invite art lovers to experience the dynamic synergy of visual storytelling and kinetic expression in their collaborative exhibition, “Ephemeral Spirit of Dance.” The exhibition takes place at Bloom Gallery, Monteolivete, Valencia from 12 April to 26 April, 2024.

Phil Solomonson is renowned for his evocative music photography. He brings a unique perspective to the world of visual arts. He especially captures the essence of motion and emotion in his stunning compositions. His lens captures the vibrancy of dance, exploring the interplay between light, shadow, and movement with unparalleled finesse.

Sandi Goodwin is an abstract painter with a penchant for translating the language of dance onto canvas. She infuses her work with the fluidity and rhythm of movement. Drawing inspiration from the graceful motions of dancers, she creates vibrant compositions. These blur the lines between form and abstraction, inviting viewers into a world of colour and movement.

In this exhibition, Solomonson and Goodwin come together to explore the interconnectedness of their respective mediums. They offer viewers a multi-sensory experience that transcends traditional boundaries. Through a carefully curated selection of photographs and paintings, they invite audiences to journey through the fluidity of movement. From the graceful arabesques of ballet to the dynamic energy of urban life.

“We are thrilled about this celebration of the beauty and vitality of movement in all its forms,” says Phil. “Through our collaboration, we hope to inspire viewers to see the world with fresh eyes. And even more to appreciate the poetry of motion in everyday life.”

Sandi Goodwin adds, “Dance has always been a source of inspiration for my work. I am excited to explore its visual language in collaboration with Phil. Together, we aim to create an immersive experience that invites viewers to connect with the power and beauty of movement. Espeially on a visceral level.”

Bloom Gallery, though still a newcomer to Valencia’s art scene, has an ethos on the importance of collaboration. This applies especially across art genres. Directors Bob and Elizabeth Khoury encouraged the development of this exhibition. Fom its inception as a random idea in a conversation with the two artists last year.

The exhibition will be open to the public from 12 April to 26 April, 2024, at Bloom Gallery, Monteolivete, Valencia. The opening, on the 12th, will include a dance performance choreographed by Cameron Hall. The 18th will see an artist talk, with the artists and dancers involved in the project.

About the Artists:

Phil Solomonson is a Chicago photographer perhaps best known for his work photographing musicians.

Sandi Goodwin is an abstract painter. Her work explores the interplay between colour, form, and movement, drawing inspiration from the world of dance.

Cameron Hall is a renowned choreographer and creative director. He is the Director of Theatre School Baila con Cameron in Valencia.

Admission is all is free, and all are welcome to attend.

For more information, please visit: or contact Bob or Elizabeth at 642 981 139 or; Calle Luis Oliag 17, Monteolivete, Valencia

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