Dealt A Good Hand Of Cards: What My Tarot Teller Told Me

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Sasha Elizabeth Parker views Valencia with jealous eyes from Poland as she tries to head west (and south) in the year of pandemia. This week: some read tea leaves, others consult astrologers, our columnist puts her faith in the cards…

Putting it bluntly, I’ve always believed in magic. Perhaps, it was the book of fairies I had as a child that did it. Or maybe, it was the fact that when I asked my mum if fairies were real, she would always respond – yes. I used to look for them down by the beck where we grew up in North Yorkshire. I’d go into the water and paddle around (much to the ducks’ dismay). I’d dive under the bridge in my Sunday best (much to my Nan’s dismay). Sadly, to this day, I still haven’t found one. But, never say never, right?

So, where are you going with this? You might be pondering. Well, I’d like to share my story with you. It all started with a text message – as so many things do. A friend of mine, let’s call her Veronica had stumbled upon a tarot teller. My friend’s friend, let’s call her Monica, was in a bit of a pickle with her love life (we can all relate) and she had decided to go to Iwona, the tarot teller, in search of some answers. It soon appeared that everything Iwona had told her turned out to be utterly, scarily true. Monica had gone on to recommend Iwona to three other friends including my friend, Veronica and it was the exact same story – she was spot on about absolutely everything! After reading this text message, my subconscious had already booked a session with Iwona.  

Veronica’s motivation was somewhat different from mine. Veronica had gone in search of her own answers, she wanted to know why her friend had stopped talking to her. Did she find her answer? That was my first question to Veronica. Before she even opened her mouth, I knew she believed every word she had been told. Veronica’s story is not my story to tell. But I will share with you my own. 

Although I do indeed believe in magic, I must admit that I had no expectations for my session with Iwona. I was excited, but I didn’t think it would be anything more than just a bit of fun. On the day of my session, I prepared three questions:

  1. I’m always disappointed in relationships – should I be with someone or be happy on my own? (Following yet another disappointment, it dawned on me that every one of my relationships had ended in the same way – or, rather, they had ended)  
  2. What is my purpose in life? (Like most people there comes a time when you find yourself questioning  ‘there must be more to this?’) 
  3. Where is my place? (Originally, from England and now living in Poland, I guess it made sense for me to ask: should I return, stay or go elsewhere?

The first lesson I learnt was that we can’t ask the cards what we should do because we have free will. Instead, in my case, I ought to ask: what kind of future can I have alone? And what kind of future can I have if I keep searching for Mr Right? 

When it came to my question regarding my relationships, Iwona kept drawing the same card: the six of swords. I lost count of how many times this card was drawn. For me, this card represents a deep wound. A deep wound from childhood. A wound which hasn’t yet healed. Yep, you guessed it – I’ve got daddy issues. When I probed the question: what’s the wound? Iwona drew what she calls her stop card which as you might have guessed means she shouldn’t ask that question. My subconscious was telling her to stop. What Iwona could tell me was that someone from my family, a male, important and difficult, walked away from me and my life. Hand on heart, I can now admit that I still haven’t fully healed from that loss and up until meeting Iwona, I wasn’t even able to see it, nor feel it. A lot has happened since this realisation (but that’s another story for another article). What I will say though, is that I’ve started to heal. 

If you are waiting for the answer to question number two, let me put you out of your misery. When it comes to my purpose, although admittedly, I was expecting to be given a profession, instead with a smile on her face, Iwona said this: “I don’t want it to sound as if it’s because of our conversation but what you should do in this life is learn how to build relationships in which you feel balanced and stable. That is your mission in this incarnation.” When I play back the recording, my response brings a smile to my face. Like a small child who’s being told to clean the dishes, my response is: “Really? Do I have to? Can’t I just help other people build relationships? I can hear my inner child protesting because for me, this ‘ask’ is the hardest thing I could have been asked to do. Iwona then added: “but that’s your task for your whole lifetime and you have a lot of time to learn how to do it. That was nice to hear.

The answer to question number three: “Poland is not your last stop. You’re going to move a lot, really a lot. This is the card of movement. You’ll change your place and you might have a problem learning which place is your own.For those of you reading from Spain, I guess that means I’ll be seeing you soon enough. 

Now, don’t just take my word for it. Since meeting Iwona I’ve gone on to recommend her to anybody who will listen. I personally know five people who have had one or more sessions with her (I’ve already had two) and everybody says the exact same thing. Every piece of information Iwona gave me came from someplace somewhere within me. Everything is true but for one reason or another, up until this point in time I had chosen not to turn on the light, part of me was fast asleep. 

Iwona speaks English but her sessions are conducted in Polish or are bilingual with a Polish-English translator. If you want to learn a thing or two about you, your future or as in my case, your past, I encourage you to get in touch with Iwona. If you don’t feel comfortable with the idea of having your energy read, then why not try a tarot psychological portrait? This is a personality reading which is calculated on your date of birth and has been described as a way to learn about the journey of the soul. It also enables you to better understand yourself and identify if anything is out of balance. In my humble opinion, Iwona is well and truly gifted and I thank her from the bottom of my heart for switching on the light and opening my third eye. I can now see the magic which dwells within me as well as the magic that surrounds me. Sadly, to my dismay, I still haven’t seen any fairies but, never say never, right? Stranger things have already happened…

To book a date with destiny you may find Iwona in the realms of Facebook: 

Sasha Elizabeth Parker is from York, England, and is slowly working her way to Valencia, Spain — via a five-year sojourn in prickly picturesque Poland. No, not a Ryanair cock-up — as John Lennon once said, “Life is what happens… when you’re busy making other plans”. On the plus side, along the way she’s won the hearts of Poles and developed a penchant for pierogi.

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